1. Rental fee is being charged on the first day

2. The rental fee is non-returnable

3. The stay starts at 5 p.m and finishes at 10 a.m

4. There is an extra charge for local tax, electricity and water (according to the meter measure) and firewood

5. Our guests are responsible for any equipment damage

6. The deposit paid during the reservation stays as a pledge in case of any kind of damages, electricity and water payment

7. It is forbidden to smoke in our houses

8. We have got a lights-out on our property

9. People who are not registered cannot stay on the property from 10 p.m to 7 a.m

10. The owner is not legally responsible for loss or damage of personal items belonging to guests

11. The owner is not legally responsible for loss or damage of guest's car

12. Our guests are obligated to show their ID. Check-in is from an identity document (ID, driver license, passport, visa, school or student ID)

13. Guests cannot pass the house to other people

14. The owner can remove the guests if they do not accept social and safety rules. It is possible to remove the guest after double worning. In this case we do not give back the rental fee

15. Our guests can use the playground (sandbox, swing with ladder, trampoline) but we do not take any responsibility for the safety and health of children

16. We ask for waste sorting. On our property you can find glass container, plastic bottles container, and aluminum cans container

17. Our guests accept the rules at the time of rental

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